Saturday, 14 May 2011


Today I decided to take it slow and relax, as I was still feeling a bit tense from yesterday's escapades. I decided to stick around at home, getting some mundane tasks, like dishes, out of the way. If all goes to plan, tomorrow I'll get a clearer view on what bike I'll be taking to Amsterdam. A bike will be sorted out one way or another.

I think I haven't mentioned why I'm actually doing this trip, only that I'm doing it, and pretty much everything else about it. Well, the short answer is: Because I was really really bored. And I mean that in a bit of a bigger sense. I felt like there was nothing going on in my life, at least in a positive enough direction. So I, from one minute to the next, decided that I was going to do something big. And it didn't even take me many minutes to decide on biking to Amsterdam. But then again, for the longer version, what would this kind of a venture be without the involvement of a "special lady"? Yes, a part of the reason, and specially the destination, is largely due to a person that has meant a lot to me for the past two years. If she decides on coming to meet up with me or not, is entirely up to her. Now she has a good enough reason!

The trip, however, is going to be awesome regardless of what happens! I do believe I'll enjoy the trip even if it lasts for just a week, and we don't even manage to get outside the borders of Sweden. Who knows, maybe it'd be a more interesting outcome for some entirely unexpected event to occur? Everything is left open, and I've even fully accepted the fact that I have no idea what is going to come out of this. I've never done this before, and even if I had, I'd have no idea what would happen. Good or bad, success or failure, I welcome it!

That is all, Peace Out!

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