Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Day 4: Fourth-day dip

Today was tough, in many ways. Alarm went off at 07:00 and after a few seconds of doubting, I managed to get out of bed and eat a nice hot "porridge" for breakfast. Soon after that it started raining and I had to hop back into the tent.

We were both feeling very drained and under the weather. Our bodies not really being in the mood for any more cycling. Specially not when it's pouring down.

We didn't get going until past 10. Which was not quite to plan. We were however really grateful of getting offered hot water by some friendly neighbouring campers. So nice being able to eat a hot meal whenever you feel like it.

We did get spared of most of the rain, and only had to endure a few showers towards the end. But our bodies were still not enjoying the biking. We had been warned of the dip in energy and motivation the fourth day. It certainly was so.

After about only 42 kilometeres, and at around 17 o'clock, we got to a slightly bigger village. Here we knew we had to do some shopping, and while doing so, we saw enough to want to spend the night at a proper b&b. So here we are.

We just got back from a nice restaurant trip, and are now preparing for bed. Tomorrow we have a stricter plan to follow, today was too much of lazy day.

Sadly just a single picture today. Uninteresting path and some battery issues being the reason. I've also seen that many pictures end up flipped in different ways, sadly I can't help that. They are correct on my end, but end up however they feel like.

Peace Out!

Day 3: All is well!

My battery ran out before I could write yesterday's blog, so I decided on posting it now. I've been sleeping great tonight and just got up... 07:00.

Yesterday was a pretty nice day, and we had some pretty pleasurable cycling. Still not going quite as well as we had hoped for, but hopefully it'll keep getting better. We've at least biked more than 200 kilometers in total! Not all too bad in my opinion.

Here be them pictures. And as a side note, I can't control the order they're posted in, they appear in a random order.

Peace out!