Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Newest Family Member!

^ Me unknowingly on my
way to spend 9.000SEK

Yes, today I bought a bike. So no, it's not about my seriously awesome niece Stella. Anyway, I biked to the bike store today and finally ended up with a bike. The bike looked and seamed great, and I'll post pictures tomorrow hopefully. I got it for 9.000SEK, and they even tossed in a rear carrier and bicycle bags for free! It was a bit more money than I had planned, but I ended up with a better bike and a sweeter deal than I had in mind, so all is well! Therefore I'd like to give another shoutout to Jarla Cykel & Sport for being very helpful in all of this. They've provided great, personal service and I appreciate that. Credit where credit is due!

Stella, my little niece!
The rest of the day I've spent preparing, and I'm starting to feel slightly pre-travel nervous. It feels like there are so many things to try to keep in mind, things to buy, things to prepare and many things are in fact very very important. There's such a huge risk of forgetting something crucial. But I picked up a few food & drink related items. Some self-heating lemon tea, crackers, dried nuts & berries etc. Just something to have in case of getting hungry without access to some decent place to eat.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll go pick her (The new bike) up, and will also check if they have some nice biking gloves, a helmet and preferably a lock to suit the value of the bike. Maybe I should investigate mudflaps as well. Also, I wonder how it'll work with keeping the bike from getting stolen. I guess we'll find out. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Finally!

Yay for summer \o/
Beautiful cemetery with loads of
flowers and trees everywhere!
Peace Out!