Saturday, 28 May 2011

Day 6 & 7: Ups & Downs

Sorry for the lack of a blog post yesterday. We hadn't been in contact with any power outlet for three days, and had to conserve battery power for more crucial tasks.

Yesterday we spent some time trying to find a suitable bike path to the next town, but that ended up being quite a hassle. So, we decided to ask what train and bus connections were available. Shortly after that we were sleeping on board of a bus, with our bikes in the baggage area, heading for Kalmar. There we realized that Ölandsbron is quite awesome, and that we should bike it! Sadly that turned out to be forbidden nowadays. Instead we went to the lookout area to see the massive bridge up close.

That it also when I decided to pump my tyre a bit... don't fix what isn't broken. I ended up breaking the valve, and therefore had to spend the following hour changing the entire "tube". Fun was had by all. Also,  I hate presta valves. They suck.
The day ended very late, by us finally managing to get ourselves into a closed camping area. Sleeping for free yet again! ;)

Today we had great goals in mind but the winds and some squandered plans turned the day into a shorter trip than expected. Now we've spent the evening in an awesome, newly opened, B&B. We have a whole big villa for ourselves.

Sleep awaits. Breakfast at 07 again. Peace out!