Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Powerful Experience

Today's post will be in a bit of a reversed chronological order. My plan, during the day, has been to go on another 5km jog towards the evening. But as I had many things to do during all of the day, it drew quite late. I decided to still go out, as I really enjoy the darkness. So peaceful, calm and desolate. Tonight, however, it was considerably darker than the last jog, which was had about two hours earlier in the evening. So I thought I'd take the illuminated route tonight. Upon arriving, by bike, to the jogging tracks, I found that all the lights had been turned off. I continued on and thought it would be just fine. I barely got to the forest before my heart started racing. I wasn't scared, else I wouldn't have gone there to begin with, but my body was obviously reacting to the pitch-black darkness in the forest. I could only vaguely make out the track I was running on, and I could just barely see some three meters or so into the forest.

I continued jogging, while the level of adrenaline rose, and fairly soon I had to pause my music and jog without them in, as I needed to have a bit better knowledge of my surroundings. But the thing is, the mind starts playing tricks on you when it's that dark. I began to slow down, and turned the jog into a walk, and I just took in all of my surroundings. Eyes starting to adjust to the darkness, you could hear everything going on, far into the forest, and I barely had to breath just so I could hear more of what was going on. There was movement all around me, the absolute majority of it being tiny beings, of whatever kind. I didn't actually see anything, as it was so dark, but I could clearly hear things moving everywhere. If you want to experience something very powerful, try this. I do believe many people have experienced these kinds of things themselves, I however doubt everyone would willingly put themselves into that situation. Being alone in the middle of a forest, at midnight. A very powerful experience indeed, and you can feel all your senses being on overdrive. I love these kinds of unexpected powerful moments. Sadly, and obviously, there won't be any picture of this.

Finally found a store that has them!
Donny, cheers for reminding me
of this awesomeness!
Now on to some more productive and jolly news. I managed to, after several hours of trying on clothes, decide on buying the wind-/waterproof set and the grey, thin, hoodie pictured in the first post. And following even more clothe trying, I picked up a pair of shorts, which I have to say is close to a first one for me. I'm not a "shorts kind of person". I just know I'll miss those shorts every single day of the trip if I wouldn't buy them. Additionally, I've arranged being able to borrow a sleeping bag for the trip. Things are certainly moving in the right direction! If I keep this up, this'll be a piece of cake!

Now time for some homemade hamburgers! Yum!

Peace out!