Tuesday, 17 May 2011

One step closer!

Yet another day close to leaving. It really can't come soon enough. Sadly, and surprisingly, still no news about what bike I'll be taking to Amsterdam. Isn't that something that should be figured out by now? I'm still not worried though, it'll be fine one way or another.

^ Me in my preferred environement!
(Was just getting boring without pictures)
Today I didn't get around to jogging due to rain for the majority of the day. And yes, I could definitely have ran in the rain if I felt like, but I'm guessing I'll be getting enough excercise in a few days. I should also probably start packing tomorrow, just so I can see if I have everything I need, and if I don't, then I'll still have a chance to get it sorted out.

And lastly, we're thinking of eating a fair bit of sushi (apparently), and therefore maybe we could do some ratings of the sushi places we happen to find, IF we happen to find any at all. I wonder if random sushi places in the middle of nowhere do "home" delivery.

Can't believe it was snowing
just like a month ago!
Also, remember the Spotify playlist! It's posted at the very bottom of the blog, along with all the other interesting information. Like the current location, the planned route, expenses and so forth. If you want to reach me, for whatever reason, I'd recommend sending an E-mail. It should be the surest way of getting a hold of me. Specially when we get out of Sweden, as I'm thinking about buying pre-paid mobile subcriptions, for avoiding ridiculous roaming charges.

Peace Out!