Friday, 6 May 2011

Method to my Madness

So it is decided. On the 20th we've planned the get-go.

2.000.000 meters on bikes, give or take. That almost doesn't even sound as much as 2.000 kilometers. Neither of us has done anything like this before, nor do we have any idea if this is doable or not. Well, we know for a fact that this kind of thing is being done basically all the time, by others. But those others tend to know what they're doing, they tend to start off smaller, prepare for a long period of time and be sensible. That, however, is not how we roll.
^ Me
My name is Henrik Niku and I'm a Project Manager in Game Development. I'm 23 years old and I currently live by myself in Stockholm. You most likely know me already, else you probably wouldn't be here. Now that we've covered that, lets move on.

This is the travel blog for me and my partner in crime. Respect to her for being nutty as fruitcake, I mean it. Not everyone would have been ready and willing to drop, work, life... for the crazy spur-of-the-moment proposal I texted her one late evening. Now, however, it has been decided. We leave on the 20th, come hell or high water! (Terms and condition apply, like the fact that we might just as well leave on some other day, depending on circumstances)

Preparations are being had daily. This blog being one part of that. And on that note, let me introduce the blog. I have set out a few rules and guidelines for myself and for this blog:

  1. Minimum of one blog post per day. Actually, preferably one post per day. Therefore the name "Dailies". In case of technical difficulties, I will make the post the following day.
  2. The blog has a map showing the live progress and location of me, which hopefully will be the exact location of the both of us. If you need a reason: Because I think it's cool!
  3. I will post as many interesting pictures as I can manage, be it a flat tire, a tent at a lake at sunset or what I look like after a day of biking in the rain.
  4. I am, and will be, fully open with everything concerning me. However, I will do my best not to say more about others than I know and/or feel is okay by them.
  5. Lastly, I will list all the expenses of the trip, mostly for my own use, but I guess it might be interesting to someone else as well.
The view from my bedroom window.
So, yesterday was the first day I was actually on a mission specifically for preparing. It ended with me buying an external battery pack for charging my Google Nexus S, who will be a big part of this Venture. The plan is to use her as GPS, E-mails, Blogging, Photos, Maps, looking up tickets for ferries and so forth. It is also the thing continuously transmitting our location, live, to the blog.

The coming two weeks will consist heavily of preparations, in all shapes and forms.
Here in the form of clothes being tried on:
Surprisingly comfortable hoodie
Five seconds before taking this picture,
the store shuts the lights off due to closing.
However, a nice rain-/windproof set.

Last but not least. I am not expecting or counting on getting feedback, but if you feel like you have something to say, by all means leave a comment on the blog or contact my directly @ Henriknik (at) hotmail dot com.

Peace out!