Friday, 13 May 2011

T Minus 1 Week!

I'll begin by apologizing for there being no post yesterday. Believe it or not, it was entirely out of my hands. I was all prepared for a daily updated when the Blogger service went down for about 24 hours. I kept continuously checking if they had returned, but they didn't until late this evening. So, here goes, for two days!

Yesterday I finally got to go on my second 5km run, as it wasn't very successful the day before. But this time I got out a bit earlier in the evening and decided on taking the same route again. I even managed to take a few pictures, for those of you who have never come across a forest at night.

Looks quite nice, doesn't it? ^
River in the foggy field.
Kista Science Tower in the background!

 Another interesting thing that yesterday brought was the realization that not every country has "allemansr├Ątten" (Freedom to Roam) as us Swedes know it. Apparently, in Germany you'll get fined for tenting/wandering on private property, and if you're unlucky enough, you could get shot by the land owner. That's something I hadn't even thought about. Then again, I hadn't really thought about it much to begin with. My plan was basically to sleep/tent wherever we happened to end up. This might be a good time to rethink that strategy and focus more on actual camping areas. Half of the trip, in Sweden, will still be free tenting wherever!

Hehe, I found Sepia on my phone!
As for today, I started the day off by biking 16,5km into the central parts of Stockholm. Quite enjoyable until I got into the central parts. I tell you, biking in a big city isn't very great. Specially not when it feels like the whole city is being worked on! There were construction sites everywhere, usually across most of the road, forcing cars and bikers into narrow passages with very limited visibility. Death was imminent! And on top of that, you have to stop for red lights every few minutes. That doesn't make for very enjoyable cycling. After checking on some of the average speeds for the trip, I think 15km/h won't be too far-fetched for when we get biking for real. I'm sure we'll find out in a week.

Biking outfit on a sunny day!
Also the new sunglasses.
 I finished the day off by running yet another 5km, this time on the rougher track which turned out to be... rougher. It's more vertical in both directions, both cases being demanding. It was also illuminated. In any case, it was nice with some change of scenery. As for the running, I'm not sure if I'm getting into better shape, or just pushing myself more, but it's starting to go better and better, even though it is exhausting. Just a week to go now, and hopefully I'll get new information about my bike issue this weekend! That's all for now.

Peace Out!