Monday, 13 June 2011

And it is done!

Late last night I finally arrived back in Stockholm. It was a really surreal experience to get home. Sure, it might not have been more than 22-23 days, but it feels like a lifetime since I was home, living this life! The trip has been an eventful one! It hasn't always been great, nor fun, but it has all been well worth it! I'm really glad I made this trip, but I would not easily do it again!

In any case, the venture as a whole was a success, in many ways! We did reach Amsterdam, like we had intended. Sure, we did take trains a few times, but we still ended up biking just under 1.000km. And we did that in about 16 days. Just roughly calculated that means an average of about 60km/day. It was a bit less than we had "hoped for", but still entirely according to plan. We knew very well that we didn't know anything at all, and therefore were prepared on adjusting to our circumstances.

My companion decided to leave Amsterdam after two days, while I felt I wasn't really done with my own goals. So I decided on staying in the Netherlands a while longer. Amsterdam was exciting, as it surely is a den for guilty pleasure, but it isn't a place I'd gladly stay alone in for any extended period.

I took a train and took off to the south-most parts of the Netherlands, to hopefully meet up with the girl I had intended to meet all along. Sadly it had turned out that she wouldn't be able to come to Amsterdam, as she was swamped with work. But I don't give up that easily, not after having biked half-across Europe for this! Off to Maastricht I was.

There I spent a total of four nights, and got to spend two whole days with the person I wanted to meet! As cheesy as it sounds, it felt like we had known each other for a lifetime. It was the first time we met each other, yet we were more relaxed with each other than I could imagine being with anyone else, given the circumstances. In the end I got the girl, and that's what matters ^^ I deem this venture a success! Not an easy or cheap one, but sure enough a great success.

Now just a few days and Dreamhack is upon us. Quite a leap to go from biking 8 hours a day, sleeping in a sleeping bag, in a tent, in the middle of nowhere, to sitting up around the clock, at a computer, surrounded by thousands upon thousands of other enthusiasts. Non-stop bass beating loudly and neon lights illuminating the massive, non-lit event hall. It is going to be awesome!

I guess this is the end for the blog. Thank you for reading. And now to sum it up, I've decided to re-post all pictures, properly and in way that allows expanding them. Still they will appear in fairly random order, but that is out of my hands. Peace out, fellow readers & lurkers!