Sunday, 8 May 2011


So, today I decided to ramp up the preparation jogging to the next level. My usual jogging path is one lap around the nearby lake, and it tends to be quite a nice and comfortable length. You go through the whole spectrum of "Hah, this is easy as pie!", "Okay, I finally feel that I'm actually running!", "Pjuh, okay. Keep going!" and "Okay, I'm done. Just one third of the way to go". But it tends to feel just right.
Usual jog of about 2.1km

 Today however, as I said earlier, I decided to pick it up and the end result was about an hour consisting of biking, jogging 5,5km and then biking back home. I have to say it was surprisingly great. Those of you who know me, know that I enjoy jogging/being out at night, and today was no exception. I headed out at about 21 and was back home at around 22. And the track I ran, that was supposed to be 5km, instead of the actual 5,5km (Not that I mind), was not lit up. There was an illuminated track, but I instead chose this pitch black one, in the middle of the forest. And I loved it.
The 5km (5,5km) running track in Ursvik.
I even ended up seeing plenty of interesting things. Of course that depends on your definition of interesting, but in any case I ended up seeing plenty bats (Yes, those quick, black "birds" that fly at night, are bats, for those of you who hadn't really thought about it before), some places I hadn't visited before, and even close encounters with five deer. And that was due to actually being able to see those things, and because I was running in the dark. Towards the end of the track I got onto the illuminated part and in an instant it was like two black walls and a lit corridor you had to run through. Quite a downgrade if you ask me.

^ Jogging outfit
^ Non-jogging outfit
The jog ended up being strangely easy and enjoyable. It took me until I got home and sat down, that I felt that my legs were not really acting as they should. Nonetheless, it was not the last time I jogged that track, for sure!

This whole endeavour is starting to feel less and less crazy, and more realistic and about to happen. In the beginning I didn't care about if it was doable or not, I had just decided to do it, no matter what. Now I'm starting to to accept the fact that we might end the trip for whatever reason, but that we're going to do give it a serious, all-in try.

Still have plenty of very real issues to solve however. I, so far, have no idea what is going to take me to Amsterdam. I know that my current bike is in no condition to carry me half-way across Europe, so I'm left with three options. Either a possible "sponsored" bike will be available, I'll have to upgrade my current bike (Which I'm afraid might cost more than the whole bike), or I'll have to buy a new bike altogether. I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

Peace out!