Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Pressure is On

Delicious raspberries for 21SEK
Today's big task has been the bike issue. Surprisingly enough there has been some progress. Due to being in town for a business meeting, I decided to pay a visit to the nearby bike store, Jarla Cykel & Sport AB, down at R├ądmansgatan 25, Stockholm. I enthusiastically told them about my plans of biking to Amsterdam and that I'm looking for a wide variety of items in relation to the trip, obviously most of all a bike. I was very impressed with the customer treatment I got, both from talking to a skilled floor-worker and even getting to talk to the store owner himself. I shall keep you updated on this progress.

I also managed to pick up a decent pair of sunglasses. First I went by a high-end sport optician that I had gotten recommended, the prices were out of my league and I had to move on after spending some time trying on several of the models they had. So I decided to go across the street to a cheaper chain and fairly instantly found a pair of glasses that were one tenth of the price and were strikingly similar to the high-quality glasses across the street. Of course I'm fully aware of the cheap glasses being of less quality, but in no way are they bad for the price asked, and I think they'll suit my needs just perfectly. If all goes wrong, it wasn't a big loss!

The day got rounded off with a nice pic-nic out in the park.

I feel that I have to start ramping it up and getting more things in order. Sure, I've managed to get many small, but important, things sorted out. I, however, still have to make sure some of the biggest issues be tended to. Bike, tent, sleeping bag, clothes and all that other stuff.

Peace Out!

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