Friday, 20 May 2011

Hectic day of final preparations!

This has certainly been a day of non-stop preparations, from the moment I got up this morning. But now everything is packed (Hopefully), fastened on the bike and my companion asleep on the couch next to me. We're gonna roll in just a few hours! We're getting up at 8 and then planning to leave as soon as possible.
Here are some of the items I'll bring.
There'd be a lot to say about today, but I really should head to bed as quickly as I can. Something tells me these might be some fairly demanding times ahead. So much flying around in my head. Have I really brought everything I need? What things have I forgotten? Also... I really haven't had time to update the expenses list with the latest items. Maybe I'll just toss in a guesstimate of the total value and just add it as a bulk. That will do for now! Now for some well-deserved sleep!
Our new home!
Peace Out!

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