Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day 8 & 9: Massive Progress

We are in Copenhagen. More precisely checked into a sweet hotel in the middle of the city.

Yesterday we woke up in the b&b villa and got served very nice breakfast, including fresh raspberries and blue cheese. We sat around for a while, drinking tea. Then we biked off, ending up in Karlskrona. We had discussed that we'd check what bus and train connections were available. We were lucky, it was both cheap and leaving in a few minutes.

In Helsingborg, which was our destination, we sat around the central station. There I spotted a group of pickpockets/bag thieves in action. First I let the security guards know of it, and soon thereafter we could see undercover cops shadowing the pickpockets. I spent another few hours observing them and I find it so endlessly fascinating! They were working in a big group, texting to eachother, strategically placed around the place, and had a "clown" working as a diversion. They tried their best to act innocent and blend in, but it is oh so obvious when you've spotted it. Impressive and fascinating, though I obviously disagree with it and despise it.

At 22, in pouring rain, we got into a closed camping area and managed to get the tent up. While being moist to the bones. I slept surprisingly well, even in the non-stop rain and strong winds. We woke up with a few actual pools of water inside the tent!

This morning we took the ferry over to Denmark, costing only 32SEK! And the test if the day we spent biking in Denmark. It's a very big change from Sweden! Much bigger than either of us could have imagined. We feel like total tourists... quite sad, really.

The day got rounded off with the best (and most expensive) sushi I've had. It was a proper, fancy restaurant and we shared a big dish. Even getting "forced" to drink more tea than we had planned, and they charged for it. Bah. Still very very nice though.

Here be pictures. Some are older but that had failed to upload. Oh and also. I'm not sure if or when I'll be able to blog again, as I have yet to find a danish pre-paid SIM-card with internet access. We shall see what happens. Right now I have "free" internet access in the hotel.

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